Welcome to the very first KIND.SIR blog post on the LOVE & ADVENTURE Journal.  

Come one, come all gang! 

Thanks for scooting over to have a read.  Since you're here, we're going to give you a big pat on the back, five high fives and a few pom pom shakes to say THANK.YOU for all your continued support of our family business and crazy adventures.   The Journal will be full of fun, behind the scenes action, what we love and some how tos thrown in there too (sorry no make-up tutorials but if building a raging fire or fording a stream is more your thing, we're your blog).

And, off we go! 

Never did we ever think we would call a mountain our home. We've always been up for trying new and fun things in our lives and this time, it didn't take much convincing to make the big move from the city to the country just 14 months ago.  We live in Macedon, 60 kms north-west of Melbourne CBD at the base of Mount Macedon on a dirt avenue, in a jungle-garden paradise. It's been freezing, inconvenient, the best fun and we've never looked back.

Living away from the city has many benefits, so many of which you don't even realise until you've stepped out of it. It has you asking, "Remind me again why we didn't do this earlier?".

It's certainly the good life; slow paced, simple and full of moments and opportunities of adventure, beauty, realisation and wonder. Having the time to consider life at a slower pace gave us the opportunity to see what it is we really value and are non-negotiables in our life.  We can safely say, we haven't worked it out yet (will keep you posted on that one...) but what we know for sure is, time, space and nature will always be a big part of where we rest our heads at night.  

When you live with an adventurous spirit you just never know where the wind will take you next.    

To love & adventure, 
Mark, Stace & Leni

Photography: Ian H Lee



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