Of the many things in life that cause us to stop and take a long, hard look at our lives and bring change, the sudden death of someone you love is right at the top of the list. In January 2016, we lost one of our close, lifelong friends.  His death left us with all sorts of questions.  He was our age.  Mind boggling and something we definitely don't try to have answers for. This, alongside other challenging moments, got us thinking about how short life truly is.  It had us thinking about the kind of life we really want to lead, where we want that life to be and what true happiness, richness and contentment is to us.  

Change is confronting at the best of times. We don't like it. No one does. OK, so there are some change-mongers out there who live for it but for the most part, we run away from it. The reason we hate it so much is change makes us grow, it makes us uncomfortable and no one likes being roundhouse kicked out of their comfort zone. Certainly not when you already have an amazing life that you love, right? Why change what's not broken?  We knew deep down it was our time for change.  Events and moments in our life over the past 12 months brought us to this point and we knew it was time. Dagnabbit!  Ever had a year like that? 

A few months ago, we decided to sell everything we own, move interstate and live on an island. Yes, an island.  We look forward to sharing our island life in upcoming posts!

You might think, wow, so noble to sell everything we own, right? Well, let me tell you it was harder than you think to let go of our stuff. I'm proud to say I wasn't found kicking and screaming all the way to the tip clutching my curling wand but it certainly surprised me how much emotion and attachment I tied to each item and also tied to the "idea" of our stuff. I remember having a moment thinking, "I can't be 38 and not own any stuff!" and after sitting with these feelings for a while, realised, yes, I actually can!  It came down to realising that "stuff" didn't define me, didn't make me a better person and didn't add any true value to my life. No doubt about it, stuff is helpful to make life a whole lot more convenient but we decided that when the time eventually came to purchase some of those items again, we would consciously add in the things that we need, rather than keep everything just because it was ours and we could.

So, we did it. We packed a small trailer of essentials, loaded the car and road tripped up the coast to sunny Queensland, which incidentally, is where all my family lives. Hooray!  Being back with family is like winning the lottery especially with our second bebe on the way.  Family for the win!

We are living in an eco-cabin on South Stradbroke Island for the next three months, taking time out of our usual routine and letting the change unfold. It's so beautiful here. The surrounds are tropical, lush and inspiring but all the extra time and space is definitely confronting and slightly un-nerving to say the least. A conversation that warrants its own blog post!  Mark's got his boat license and we're learning to navigate life with a boat (and a 4 year old in tow!) to get us back to the mainland for groceries and supplies.  It's an adventure to be sure! 

Over the next few blog posts, we'll share the pivotal questions that lead us to this moment, more pics from our island hideaway plus some very special shots of our family shoot in Macedon before we left our mountain hideaway.

We would love to hear from you if you are doing something similar in your life or found this post helpful or inspiring. We want to hear your story, feedback and comments. Email us hello@kindsir.com.au.

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