by Stacey Peric, 29 March 2018



There's never a better time to slow down than the Easter long weekend.  Four days off IN A ROW.  I no complain. Four days away from the daily routine, pressures and general fast pace of usual life.  Feeling relaxed already.  Simply lovely.  Easter provides an opportunity for a time of reflection, thoughtfulness and gratitude and we've jotted down 4 WAYS you can be a little more present this long weekend.

1. TURN OFF THOSE NOTIFICATIONS (even if just for 24 hours)

Scientists have revealed turning off the notifcations function on your phone can be psychologically beneficially to your health, not to mention elevate your concentration at work/home and up your general life satisfaction.  Where do I sign?!  A recent article on Quartz (qz.com) says, 


"Just one day of shutting down your notifications can be a fulfilling experience,
simply thanks to the comparative lack of distraction and stress that comes
from answering to a device in your pocket every few minutes.
And while it may seem like a tiny difference,
changing a small habit can 
alter your whole perspective."  


I've never been a fan of the almighty notification.  The idea that I could be in the middle of something important and "@leatherleatherleather liked your photo" pops onto my phone taking me out of that precious moment my best friend tells me she's have sextuplets, is not me living my best life.  So why not try it out today?  Free up some of that precious brain real estate and give your mind a little "notification long weekend".  To read the full Quartz article by Olivia Goldhill, click here


Consider leaving your phone in your bag or in your pocket (and on silent) when you catch up with family and friends this weekend.  It'll be tricky to resist the urge to reach for your device but trust us, you'll forget all about your phone when you're enjoying those belly laughs and heartfelt convos with those you're with.  Not to mention how you'll make them feel - like a million bucks because you're giving them the best of you.  



I've been a huge fan of Dr. Andrew Weil and his incredibly simple 4-7-8 Breathing technique for a few years now.  Something you can do anywhere, anytime and it really works.  


4. DAYDREAM (preferrably in nature)

When was the last time you let your mind wander?  Let your imagination roam free?  Daydreaming has proven to be good for us.  It's good for our well being and good for creativity so let those thoughts loose and see what crazy things you can dream up.  Read more about daydreaming and its benefits, here.


So, take it slow this weekend.  Be kind to one another and stay safe.

To love and adventure,
Stace xo

Photography: Tobias Baxter @bax.tr