Ever since I can remember, my beautiful Mum has taken great pride in planning the theme of our Christmas table.  From the colour palette, napkins and table treats to the styling, chargers (every guest gets an Apple charger, jks... plate chargers) and centrepiece, she covers it all.  The table plays an integral part in our festive gatherings and I'm so thankful she has passed down this tradition of thought to her children and now, her grandchildren. 

Like gift wrapping, setting the table for Christmas shows your guests your love in a simple and thoughtful way.  Time and effort spent on creating a welcoming space for family and friends, calms nerves, brings happiness and says "We're so glad you're here" and "Let's get this partAY started!" from the very beginning.



Styling with natural elements always makes for a beautifully textural table and this year we've chosen a combination of dried lotus leaves, crows ash (the star shaped pods), beach tumbleweeds, dried palm fronds, gum nuts, a few touches of dried smoke bush and our ever-faithful dried coconuts (we found these on the beach when we first moved to South Straddie over 2 years ago).  Most elements we collected from around our island home and we also visited our favourite florist for a few fresh blooms.  



Styling a table might seem daunting but don't sweat it!  The more heart and care you put in, the better it will be.  I'm a huge fan of layering (especially with natural elements) to create a textural feast for the eyes.  Pop your larger items down first and work outwards adding layers and the little touches as you go.   


"The more heart & care
you put in, the better it will be."



We've used lotus leaves instead of placemats, layered with shells picked up from an op shop a few years back (10 for $10 aka bargain of the century), a handmade calico napkin (easy as) and finished with sprigs of foliage and our handcrafted DE FÊTE Festive Christmas Decorations for each place setting.  Now is definitely the time to mention our workhorse La Rochere goblets which were a wedding present back in 1998.  We use them as our everyday water glasses (life is for celebrating right?) and they're still going strong after all this time! Bless their little goblet socks.




Once the table is set, leave yourself a little time to freshen up and turn on the tunes.  Music playing as guests arrive is such a good mood-maker.  We love the oh-so-suave sounds of Michael Franks, Watching the Snow.  Give us a little salute when Track 9, 'Island Christmas' rolls around.  You'll love the cheeky lyrics.

Finally, relax.  Breathe in the air of being with family and loved ones and try to stress less.  Christmas isn't always the most fun time for some but if we try our darndest to see the best in our fellow humans, everyone wins.


To love, Christmas merriment & adventure,

Stace xo


Photography & Styling: Stacey Peric
Big love & thanks to Lachy Ellwood @southstradbrokewatersports & amazing table making skills