MARCH 8, 2019



There's much to love and learn about Sibella Court and the way she sees life.  It's truly wonder-full.  Hers are eyes constantly on the look out for the unexpected, the perfectly ordinary, the fleeting moment and the bygone era.  We caught up with Sibella recently to chat about her latest book, IMAGINARIUM | A Compendium of Inspiration and loved what we discovered.



"It resides somewhere between a library, Cabinet of Curiosities and museum.
A place wonder, show & tell and steeped in make-believe." 



When we think of the word IMAGINARIUM, we imagine a whimsical world of wonder where anything is possible.  What does the word IMAGINARIUM represent for you and why did you decide on this word in the title?

I have always thought of my studio and shop as my Imaginarium. It resides somewhere between a library, Cabinet of Curiosities and museum. A place wonder, show & tell and steeped in make-believe.  

How long did it take to piece IMAGINARIUM | A Compendium of Inspiration together?

A decade. I picked up a digital camera over 10 years ago and hung up my film camera. I record all my travels, daily musings and interior design work. This is a curation of the many the things I have seen, the places I have travelled and the interiors I have imagined. It really is a portrait of me.


There's so much love and thought poured into every detail of the book.
Tell us a little about the idea behind the keepsake French-fold dust jacket & seal?

I always envisaged that IMAGINARIUM | A Compendium of Inspiration would have a traditional linen bound cover with simple debossing. Classic, crafted and a nod to old trades. I colour matched it to one of my paint colours, Ships-in-the-Night. And then of course it had to be wrapped up in my version of brown paper packaging. The cover photograph we used was how I send out my dry goods from my shop, The Society Inc with a speciality made zinc seal crafted by my blacksmith. And so you could chose how you want your book displayed, cover on or cover off! The French jacket then opens to the internal photograph of curious things from my collections that can be unfolded & revealed as a poster.  

We always say staying curious and asking questions leads to a rich and fulfilling life. 
What do you do to remain curious to the world around you and remain open to lifelong learning?

I have a list of 'Things I Am Thinking About' that gets added to regularly. Some get more explored than others but they keep me curious, encourage me to research, delve into them or create travels around them. I don't worry about whether they are pastime or work related and enjoy following them and seeing where they lead me, who I meet on the way and how they make me respond. My latest curiosities are pigment hunting, paint making, natural fragrance and watercolours.

"Each person is attracted to their very own internal colour palette, 
so seek your favourite tones."


You created IMAGINARIUM to be a daily source of inspiration and a beautiful piece for readers to enjoy. 
How would you love your readers to use IMAGINARIUM in their lives?

Although it does not have chapters, the rhythm of the pagination is through colour. Each person is attracted to their very own internal colour palette so seek your favourite tones. The book is a changing object, to sit on your table open, a page can be turned regularly, an image, texture, colour held open with a Riverkeeper stone to distract you during your day and encourage to travel into the photos.



Sibella's Current Top 4 Favourites:

Colour combination: Tone on Tone in any colour, edging on the dirtier murkier side
Scent: Alchemy from Aftelier Perfumes
Book: Capturing Nature - it's actually the catalogue of the exhibition of the same name that is on at The Australian Museum written by curator, Vanessa Finney
Piece at The Society Inc: Bibelot Mosquito Coil Holder


If you're like me and love delving into the stories behind the beautiful minds of this world, there's a wonderfully detailed interview online with Sibella and Karen McCartney (Founder Edit'd & Belle Magazine, Architecture Editor).  We've included the link here so you can pop straight there, enjoy and be inspired. 

You can discover IMAGINARIUM | A Compendium of Inspiration and the myriad of curiosties at Sibella's store, The Society Inc.  It's a real treat and we're certain it will become one of your favourite places to have a hunt and a potter.  

To love & adventure. Always.

Stace xo


Photographs courtesy of The Society Inc. The Design Files