MARCH 8, 2019




Heidi Middleton is simply lovely.  She embodies what it is to simutaneously embrace and challenge whilst keeping love firmly at the centre of who she is. And, let's be honest, we adore the fact she makes no excuses for spangled ball skirts over breakfast.  This is very reason we love her.  Heidi has transcended trends for as long as we've known her giving license to dramatic, original expression and creativity through personal style.  She's shown dressing can be an expression of how much we love life.  How a fun, original and unexpected outfit is a nod to the celebration that is life.  And, we always say, if you can't wear sequins to school drop off, then when is the right time, I ask? 



After a good chunk of time seemingly out of the fashion industry, Heidi has given deep thought and consideration to her next calling; an atelier vowing to put sustainability and care at the forefront of everything the house stands for.  And so the list of reasons to love the gal just keeps growing.   We've been bursting with excitement ever since we caught wind of something fresh in the air for Heidi and now, we are proud as punch to introduce to you, ARTCLUB.




But first, a little chit chat...


Tell us about what your family enjoys the most over the sunny seasons in Australia?

Our heart haven is in Palm Beach at the family home we have had for 13 years. Simple beach days with friends, sunbreak walks to the lighthouse & paddling around secret bays around Pittwater are some of our happiest times.

Let's jump straight into the question on everyone's lips; Australia or France? 
That's a hard one. I feel like my heart is split equally between these two incredible countries. I love them in equal doses and we are lucky enough to enjoy the two with family & friends.

What is your favourite French word and why?
Coccinelle. I called my girls that... Mes petites coccinelles, meaning my little lady beetles

Make our tummies rumble... How about your favourite French food?
French prawns! (Gambas)

What excites you right now?
My new creative baby, ARTCLUB



Speaking of babies, we're all bursting to know. Tell us more about ARTCLUB.
ARTCLUB is an online atelier featuring my art, fashion & curated vintage. It will also be a platform to collaborate with like-minded creative friends around the globe.  The foundation of ARTCLUB is about creating from a sustainable foundation where people & the planet are impacted in a positive way.


"I didn't want to start something unless it had good vibrations & creative energy." 


How long has ARTCLUB been brewing? 
After a break in France, I yearned to create again but this time in a progressive & soul enriching way. Living in France allowed me the time & reflection for this concept to evolve & flourish.


Did you ever have a moment where you were unsure what your next move would be post sass&bide? What did that period in your life look like?
Yes, I was unsure about what the future held but not daunted by it. I didn't want to start something unless it had good vibrations & creative energy.


Was it tricky to take your hands off something you created from the ground up and poured so much into? Do you ever stalk the sass & bide Instagram as an alias? Just between you and... me. 
Ha, no I managed to let go emotionally just prior to leaving and selling sass & bide. I would have liked for it to have had a different trajectory to what it has but feel happy that we left when it was at its healthiest. What has happened since has been out of our hands.



How do you deal with a creative funk? 
I can now sit with moments of creative stillness as I know the flow returns in abundance.


Sustainability and protecting the planet is very much at your core and something we find ourselves thinking on also.  How does the ARTCLUB model contribute to protecting our beautiful planet?
At every touchpoint we want to consider people and the earth. It doesn't just feel important & good to have this approach, it feels crucial.
I love that we have a blank canvas with ARTCLUB & can build with this ethos from the ground up.


"Live with love at the forefront of everything you do."


If you could recommend one small action everyone could take to change the current state of the planet for the better, what would it be?

Think before you act each day.
Think with sustainability at the front of your minds, not an afterthought.
Apply it to your thinking so that you can add that layer to your living.


We love surrounding ourselves with beautifully interesting and interested people. Who is the most interesting person you know?
The Yeldham Family; Josh, Jo & their children Indigo & Jude embody all of my favourite virtues in people.


You see beauty in everything around you. Who instilled this in you? Was this something your parents taught you?
Yes, my Mum sees the world through similar eyes & I'm grateful to her for instilling this way of viewing the world.


What would you most like to pass onto your girls?
Live with love at the forefront of everything you do


What's the most important thing everyone should know about you?
I'm not sure! That might be a question for someone else to answer... 


Everyone has something random and quirky nobody would ever guess is hiding in there. What's your quirk?
I love the smell of hire cars



Lastly and all important, are your one shoulder pieces reversible for those of us who have a preferred shoulder for our social media pics? ; )
Ha, yes! Wear them every way....


Welcome to the wonderful world that is ARTCLUB. Follow Heidi and all the golden goodness @heidimiddletonartclub.  You'll be wanting to follow this special venture closely.  We have a feeling it might just change the world. 

To love & adventure,

Stace XO


Imagery courtesy of ARTCLUB